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Monday, June 22, 2015

Almost done!

"Pixie dust, AWAY!"
Before my yarn collection gets completely out of hand (ahem), I thought it would be a good idea to catalog what I have, with pictures or samples or something so when the label gets lost and I have half a skein left I know what it is.

I could just do a spreadsheet, but Ravelry already has all these fabulous tools that interact with each other, plus you have the option to download it to excel, so, as my kids' favorite TV characters would say, "Yay-hey, yes way!"

I've been picking away at this project for at least a week or two now, but tonight after a particularly frustrating weekend I lost patience, dragged out my large clear plastic bin full of yarn, hunted up my knitting bag and the bag of yarn I just bought at Jo-Ann on Saturday, and got to work. I threw anything that didn't look very well wrapped or balled into a large plastic bag to deal with later. It's past midnight, true, but I have 90% of my yarn neatly catalogued on Ravelry, so I'm feeling fairly accomplished right now.
Pictured: Way. Too. Much. Yarn.

While I was at it, I went to the trouble of entering all my projects-- past, present, and (foreseeable) future. I had more pictures of my knitting-in-progress than I thought.

But, it IS pretty late and I have work in the morning... so good night my fellow knitters-- yawn-- and I'll check back in a few days on my progress on the chevron scarf.