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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mystery Yarn

A few months back, a friend of mine was in the process of moving and gave me a big box of stuff. Among other things, there was a small stash of yarn. I tucked it in with my growing collection and forgot about it.

And the other night, when I was cataloging all my yarn on Ravelry, I ran across some of it.

mystery yarn

It's a roving medium-weight yarn. It feels like a wool blend. It's self-striping-- this photo doesn't do the colors justice.

I asked my friend if she had any idea what it might be. She seemed fairly certain she'd purchased it at a local Jo-Ann's a couple years ago, but that was about it. I plan to take it by and see if anyone there has any idea.

My best guess, from Googling around, is Bernat's Mosaic, a now-discontinued roving, self-striping acrylic that various reviewers described as feeling more like a wool blend than 100% acrylic.

Please feel free to leave your own guesses in the comments. I'll let you know what (if anything) my visit to Jo-Ann turns up.

In other news, I have finally gotten around to adding all my needles to my Ravelry notebook.

I have not actually been getting much knitting done. I started on a sunglasses case for Malcolm, but-- and I'm not sure if it was the size 9 needles (the pattern calls for size 8) or the cotton yarn (I'm trying to like it, I really am), but the thing was turning out all the wrong size-- way, way too wide.

Ribbit, ribbit... I sense some frogging in my future. I guess if I get really tired of trying to work with the cotton I can go back to my old stand-by, Caron Simply Soft. I'd totally forgotten I had a skein of Spring Brook and Peacock Feather stashed away...