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Monday, June 22, 2015

New Projects (I know, I know...)

So at some point either late last night or this morning, I was pondering projects, and I came up with a great idea. I'd been feeling bad that my twin boys have been somewhat left out. It's summer; they don't really need hats or scarves (inasmuch as stuff like that is ever needed here). And with my queue already so heavy I don't really want to add on any big projects. So, back to basics it is. And by that, I mean going back to my first "learn to knit" book.

(As an aside, I cannot express just how much I LOVE that Klutz book. Every person I meet who expresses any kind of admiration or envy of my knitting-- which is not all that great, to be honest-- I recommend this kit to them. It's even cheaper now than when I bought it! Fifteen bucks! To learn to knit! How cool is that?!)

Anyway, among the "six easy projects" that I haven't tried yet are the sunglasses case and the little change purse. I was already going to make the change purse for my daughter out of the pink and gray Sheep-ish yarn (the pun makes me giggle every time, besides loving the yarn itself). But I have one 150 yard skein for each of them of Lily Sugar'N Cream yarn (worsted weight cotton stuff) that I bought way back on my first first trip to Jo-Ann to buy yarn. After working with a few yarns I didn't really like working with the cotton so much, so I put the blue "Swimming Pool," green "Aloe Vera," and pink "Strawberry" away. And how cute would it be to make each of them matching sunglasses cases and change purses out of "their" color? (I don't always color-code my kids, even my (very fraternal) twins, but when I do, I use pink or purple for Alyx, blue for Malcolm, and green for Isaac)

So... yeah, there goes my project queue.