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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Patterns!

Look what got delivered yesterday!

God only knows when I'll have time to make any of this gorgeous stuff, but I'm still excited!

I will admit that I am slightly disappointed that the "Peace and Love" book only has three (out of eight total) patterns for knitting (the rest are crochet). Yes, yes, crocheters, I know, crochet is so easy, and I'm sure it is-- knitting's not that hard, after all-- but the very last thing I need is another time-sink in my life. My daughter is just going to have to learn to live without the "Flower Power Necklaces."

Now I know I just got done saying how much I really hate working with the cotton Sugar'n Cream. But if anything embodies "try, try again," it's knitting. So, "Hang Ten Hoodie," here I come. Of course, this means a trip back to Joann this weekend to pick out yarn-- now that I look at the pattern I see that the giant cone of "Key Lime Pie" ombre I got won't work. It needs two colors, an ombre and a solid contrast, and looks like it would work best with a slightly multi-colored ombre (the Key Lime Pie is just green and white.) Wish me luck; I'm going to need it.

On the upside, along with the size 7 needles I'll need for this project, I also ordered another skein of Lion Brand Amazing in Strawberry Fields so I can finally get started on a hat for my friend's daughter (the last of three I'm making for each of her kids), and two skeins of Violets. I was going to get some Vineyard to compare, but they didn't have it as an "add-on," and Amazon's regular prices just aren't worth it on Amazing, even with free shipping. Everything should be here on Friday, just in time for the weekend and-- gulp-- my daycare's two week vacation starting Monday.